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Glymate Glyphosate 41% SL

Glymate is non selective herbicide and it can be used on active and standing weeds. Glymate is a systemic herbicide so it can translocate to weeds and eradicate weeds from root level. Glymate controls all kinds of green vegetation. Glymate is very good for cyperus and cynodon like difficult weed-control. Glymate can be used in standing crop also but be careful to not spray on main crop. Glymate is inactive when it comes in contact with soil so it is very safe to environment and soil.

Glymate is absorbed through foliage and minimally through roots. After application, glyphosate is readily transported around the plant to growing roots and leaves and this systemic activity is important for its effectiveness. Inhibiting the enzyme causes shikimate to accumulate in plant tissues and diverts energy and resources away from other processes. While growth stops within hours of application, the leaves start turning yellow in a few days.

Available Packing : 500ml & 1Ltr.