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Zebra Mancozeb 75% wp

Special Features: King of all Fungicides: Broad-spectrum fungicide, which controls a large number of diseases (with its multisite action), caused by Phycomycetes, advanced fungi, and other groups of fungi infecting many crops. Wide Spectrum of Use: Used for foliar sprays, nursery drenching, and seed treatments in many crops. No Disease Resistance: Zebra can be used repeatedly, without any danger of resistance development, for a number of years. Ideal Tank Mix Partner: Best fungicide to be used along with systemic fungicides to prevent and/or delay resistance development. Provides Nutrition: In addition to disease control, it also provides manganese and zinc in traces to crop, thereby keeps plants green and healthy. Environmentally Safe: Zebra is quite safe to natural enemies and the environment. Thus part of Integrated Disease Management. Economical: As compared to other fungicides, it is less expensive in the long run on account of nutritional benefits and superior crop protection, which results in high yields and better quality.

Mode of Action :
It is a broad-spectrum fungicide with protective action. The product is fungi toxic when exposed to air. It is converted to an isothiocyanate, which inactivates the sulphydryl (SH) groups in enzymes of fungi. Some times the metals are exchanged between mancozeb and enzymes of fungi, thus causing a disturbance in fungal enzyme functioning

Available Packing : 250gm & 500gm.