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Products from synergy agrotech can be used for the miraculous growth of your crop.

Glymate Glyphosate 41% SL

Glymate is nonselective herbicide and it can be used on active and standing weeds. Glymate is a systemic herbicide so it can translocate to weeds and eradicate weeds from root level. Glymate controls all kinds of green vegetation.

Prido Acetamiprid 20% SP

The Exciting foliar Insecticide with New mode of action. Quick knockdown of a wide range of Foliar-feeding pests such as Aphids, Whiteflies, Leafhoppers, and Plant bugs. Long-term action/control.

Super Synergy

100% water-soluble, Blended With all essential micronutrients in chelated form. Rapid and healthy growth of crops and recovers deficiencies due to balanced nutrients supply. Increases resistance against pests and diseases ultimately reduces the cost on pesticides and fungicides.

Zebra Mancozeb 75% wp

Special Features: King of all Fungicides: Broad-spectrum fungicide, which controls a large number of diseases (with its multisite action), caused by Phycomycetes, advanced fungi, and other groups of fungi infecting many crops.

Ignite Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG

Ignite is a non-systemic insecticide that penetrates leaf tissues by trans-laminar movement. Ignite belongs to naturally occurring evermectin group of insecticide is good for controlling Lepidoptera such as bollworms in cotton and fruit and shoot borers in okra.

Thysome Thiamethoxam 25% WP

Threesome is a granular broad-spectrum insecticide that has quick stomach & contact activity. Threesome has outstanding potency that effectively controls sucking and chewing insects that have developed resistance to conventional insecticides.

Raftar Bio Stimulant

Raftar is a high Concentrate Organic Plant Tonic. 
It Increases yield and improves the quality of the product.
• It helps the plant to become healthy and disease-free.
• lt promotes the absorption of soil nutrients & develops the stronger plant.
• It enhances the shelf life of produce as fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Kesari Strong Bio Stimulant

It induces the development of healthy and efficient roots.  Increases the number of flowers and fruits.  Activates the process

of photosynthesis, increases the availability of IAA (Indol acetic aid) and increases the crop yield.

A-1 Combo Fulvic+Amino+Seaweed

A1 Combo is widely used as a soil supplement in the agriculture industry as it increases the microbial activity around the roots. Our product resists plants from various kinds of diseases, which is beneficial for its further growth. Soil conditioner, Yield Booster, and Plant energizer.

LARVENTA Crop Protector

General Information:

Larventa is a unique organic research product that gives immediate and longer control on DBM and other caterpillars/borers.

Balwan Granual

Balwan is Increase uptake of NPK fertilizer and Increase the percentage of chlorophyll in leaves. It is mainly responsible for oil percentage in oil seeds crops. It Increases resistance power against pests and diseases ultimately reduces the cost on pesticides and fungicides.

STARTER Natural Silica

Starter when incorporated in formulation, the spray solution covers entire leaf surface. The product facilitates uptake of active chemicals into the plant tissues. Starter removes air from the surface & penetrate easily of the vehicle into pores.

Orbit Amino Humic Shiny Ball

Stimulate seed germination and viability, root respiration, formation, and growth.
• Produce thicker, greener, and healthier foliage.
• Produce more, larger, longer-lasting, and more beautiful flowers.
• Significantly increase the protein, vitamin, and mineral contents of most fruits and vegetables

Posh Potassium Humate 98% Technical

It promotes the process of nutrient uptake.
• Binds the nutrients available in the soil.
• Improves the root development.
• Helps improve the soil structure and also removes harmful toxins from the soil.
• Improves the water holding capacity of the soil.

Bond 007

Bond 007 is extracted from cole pollens and plant tissue, it promotes growth, increases yield, improves the quality of produces.
• Bond 007 is useful for fruit setting.
• Bond 007 is useful in all crops for vegetative growth, increasing more flowering, and improving the quality of the fruits.

Vikrama Mix Micronutrient

Fe – Important in photosynthesis and uptake of other micronutrients. Zn – Important in preparation of plant growth regulator, protein. Cu – Act as a catalyst in all development stages of plants. Helpful in the production of vitamin ‘A’ and reproduction capacity of the plant. Bo – It is used to uptake Calcium and makes it available to plants. 

Vikrama Mix Micronutrient

Vikrama Benefits: Vikrama is an Inorganic Partially Chelated Micro Nutrient Fertilizer for Soil Application. It is helpful for the Rapid and healthy growth of crops and recovers deficiencies due to balanced nutrients supply. It Increases resistance power against pests and diseases ultimately reduces the cost on pesticides and fungicides.

Super Synergy Magnesium Sulphate

Super Synergy is useful to keep plants healthy and helpful to Increase yield. It Increases disease resistance Power against fungal, pathogens, and Improves photosynthesis. Magnesium deficiency causes red flat disease in cotton and guava and also yellowing in most of the crops. Magnesium is a secondary nutrient which plays and important role in photosynthesis.

Super Synergy Calcium Nitrate

Super Synergy helps to Increase absorption power. Super Synergy Bring green texture in leaves. Super Synergy maintains the regular shape and size of fruits.

Agriculture is the most healthful, more useful, and most noble work of a man.

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