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Thysome Thiamethoxam 25% WG

Thysome is a granular broad spectrum insecticide which has quick stomach & contact activity. Thysome has outstanding potency that effectively controls sucking and chewing insects that have developed resistance to conventional insecticides. It is a broad-Spectrum systemic insecticide having quick contact and stomach activity. Thysome exhibits excellent translaminar movement into plant tissue hence it Is readily absorbed by plants at low doses and acts quickly. Thysome is used at very low dose rates and increases the interval between two sprays. It is relatively safe to the environment with no residual effects. Thysome is an excellent partner in IPM. It builds up the capacity of immunity against environmental stresses.
Mode of Action:
Thysome is a broad-spectrum systemic insecticide having stomach & contact action. Thiamethoxam interferes with a specific receptor site in the insect’s nervous system. Once the insect feeds on the plant or comes into contact with Thiamethoxam, feeding is irreversibly stopped.
Available Packing : 100gm & 250gm